1. A passport with at least six months validity.
2. To fill up a visa application form.
3. 2 passport size photos.

Application form to be submitted to the respective Royal Nepalese Embassy or to the Royal Nepalese Consulate. One can also obtain visa upon arrival at Kathmandu Airport or at any entry points.

Visa Fees:
1. Gratis Visa
Gratis visa is available upon arrival, free of cost and is valid for 72 hours ( 3 nights stay).

2. Single entry
US Dollar 30 (valid for 60 days i.e. single entry). Extension of the validity can be done at the central immigration office in Kathmandu.

3. Double / Multiple entry
US Dollar 50, valid for 150 days in that calendar year.

Time Difference:
Nepal Standard Time (N.S.T.) is 5 hours, 45 minutes ahead of G.M.T.

Vaccination certificate is not a must. However, it is advised to take precautions against Hepatitis, Typhus, etc. and Malaria for Terai.

Most of the medicines are available in Kathmandu.

Value added Govt. Tax, Service Charge & Tips:
For most of the tourist services like – hotel accommodation, restaurant/bar services, etc. there is 10-15% Govt. Tax plus 13% Value Added Tax and 2 % tourism tax. However in general there is not any service charge included in the price and hence a small amount of tipping is advisable.

Drinking Water:
Tap water is not at all drinkable, good hotels and restaurants provide boiled and filtered water (same with the ice). Mineral water is also available.

General photographic material like – cameras, films, lenses, batteries, etc are available in Kathmandu. Normal films can also be developed and printed and are up to the international standard.

Personal Clothes:
Warm clothes like pullover + a light jacket for the winter (Nov-Feb) and light clothing for summer (March- October). Monsoon period is June to September and for this period a raincoat or an umbrella is recommended.

A great variety of artifacts like metal statues, wood carving, scroll paintings (Thangka), woollen carpets, garments, Gurkha knives, prayer wheels, silver jewellery, precious stones, etc. are available in Kathmandu.

There are 5 annual times
Spring – middle of February till the middle of May
Summer – middle of May till the middle of June
Monsoon or rainy season – middle of June till the end Septermber
Autumn – October and November
Winter – December till the middle of February

Money Exchange:
All major international currencies are accepted in Nepal and can be exchanged at the airport or other commercial banks in the country. Most of the hotels are also authorized for exchanging.Nepalese Money are in the denominations of:
Coins (Paisa): .01, .02, .05, .10, .25, .50, 100
Notes (Rupees): 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 25.00, 50.00, 100.00, 500.00, 1000.00