Kali Gandaki – Upper Rafting

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Kali Gandaki River rafting definitely will provide you a jolting, roller-coaster ride through a very big bathtub, an exhilarating tussle with natural force.


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    Throughout the rafting, you will be twisted, turned, shaken and basically hurdled all over the place.  The days mostly begin in a similar style, normally with something energetic to eat which you might throw up later.   After a briefing about tackling the river, you are free to paddle, raft, admire the view, see villages, eyeball rapids, spot wildlife and wait the slaughter!  Kali Gandaki River has some 60 rapids within 72 km of its distance.



    Day 01: Kathmandu – Nayapul by bus. 9 hrs drive.
    Day 02: Nayapul – Modi by rafting.
    Day 03: Modi – Susmaghat.
    Day 04: Susmaghat – Andhi Muhan.
    Day 05: Andhi Muhan – Ranitar.
    Day 06: Ranitar – Ramdi Ghat. 3 hrs raft. Drive back to Pokhara / Kathmandu.